Società di San Giuseppe

In 2022, The St. Joseph Society came, like usual, in March to honor their patron. An article was published about the visit, with nice pictures and explanations (see here). Thank you Janet Biondo for a delightful article about our parish and this special day.

Santa Fara

On the day the St. Fara club visited, May 15, 2022, there was a canonization Mass in Rome. Among the canonized was St. Maria di Gesù Santocanale, born in Palermo and died in Cinisi. Many of our parishioners trace their lineage to these places or nearby. We had a joyful celebration with a procession around the block here in downton Detroit. See an article about her here. One may find a small summary of her life by the Vatican News Service (click here), in Italian, or something here in English.