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to Holy Family Parish!


Holy Family is a parish rich in Italian tradition, founded in 1909. We continue both the "Italian" with our weekly Sunday Italian Mass and interaction with Italian Clubs, and the "tradition" especially in the Liturgy, providing both the Tridentine liturgy and the new liturgy in Latin language. Italians love our parish, and very many non-Italians love it and participate as well. The building is outstanding for its art and architecture.

News, Announcements and Upcoming Events

Join us for a cooked breakfast after our Sunday first-of-the-month Tridentine Mass. We invite breakfastees to consider a free-will donation. 

Check out these gorgeous photos of our beautiful parish: (Click here)

You may enjoy the splendid musical program at St. Joseph's Shrine (Click here), not far from our parish.


   +  9:30am Sunday Latin Masses will be in the manner of the Tridentine Mass (sometimes called TLM, that is, using the 1962 Missal, with preaching in English)

   + Italian Masses, when they come from the various Italian Societies, Clubs, and so on, are all the Paul VI Missal and Lectionary in Italian, but the preaching is mostly in English


  • Mon., June 3 - Fri., June 7: Fr. Ward is on call for Federal Jury Duty. Mass schedule will continue as usual unless he gets called in, which he won't know until after 6pm each day this week. This web site will be updated before 8pm that night clarifying whether there will or will not be Mass the next day:

    • Mon., June 3: Yes, there will be Mass​ for sure

    • Wed., June 5: Yes, there will be Mass for sure

    • Fri., June 7: Yes, there will be Mass for sure

  • Mon., June 10-Fri., June 28, no weekday Mass. Sunday Mass schedule continues as usual.​

  • Sun., June 16: Fathers' Day

  • Sun., June 30: Celebration of 100th Anniversary of the Società of Santa Fara di Cinisi in Detroit. 11am procession, 11:30am Italian Mass. Fr. Antonio Ortoleva from Sicily will be visiting, presiding over Mass, and bringing a relic of St. Fara!

  • Sun., July 7, cooked breakfast, followed by Faith and Culture Conference

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